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Joy Sigaud is an Editor and Publisher with a wealth of experience in the field. She writes and reviews matters of general interest, including interviews and dialogues. BLACK HISTORY MATTERS and in her role as Editor of Black History Month Magazine she has introduced a broad spectrum of features representing the community both in the UK and more recently the USA. Boosting the distributorship, her groundbreaking interview with Prime Minister Theresa May at the heart of the  2018 Windrush Scandal was a first. Black History Matters are stories that are of broad interest with an international appeal. Contact:

Short Stories

Long Ago and Far Away There is a world that exists No one knows about it They have civilisations, structures, tribes, hierarchies and wars Just like everywhere else The continent is vast newly discovered Landscapes varied and awesome, and yet Its beauty is recognised but by only a few of the adventurous The richness of the soil and the treasures that lie beneath are unnoticed Who would dare to go inland It is the people who become the commodities Try to find them now but you won’t They are lost to that world…forever! The Trade Winds Blow An island of…